Ryzen 3 4300G Up To 4.0GHz

4200 EGP

  • Brand:AMD
  • Socket:AM4
  • Clock Speed: 3.8GHz
  • Overclock Speed:4.0GHz
  • Number of Cores:4 cores
  • Number of Threads:8
  • L3 Cache:4MB
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Essential technicalities.

The 4300g as a startup processor for you in the PC on a strict budget is pretty decent, with its 4 cores and 8 threads with a base clock of 3.8GHZ up to 4.0GHZ unlocked for overclocking to get the most out of it, Vega 6 iGPU completing your essential hardware for an overall pretty decent rig for esports games, Built on AM4 socket with 7nm architecture with TDP 65W & 90W as the max power consumption, making overall good processor for startup gaming pcs targeting smooth gameplay experience with 100+ fps in esports games.


Here comes the spotlight, The performance.

(Test bench containing 16 GB RAM 2*8 3200mhz on 1080p)

CS:GO lowest settings with high textures = 120 fps average

Valorant lowest settings with high textures = 130 fps average

Rocket League’s lowest settings with high textures = 45 fps average

R6S (900P) lowest settings with medium shadows = 75 fps average

can’t ask for better in the 3750L.E budget, but we haven’t finished yet.


Upgradability matters.

The 4300g is a strict low-budget processor but it effectively covers the user’s needs and gives him overall good performance and gaming experience, But when it’s time to elevate your experience with an upgrade, here is where the 4300g shows one of its incredible selling points, Which is the ability to upgrade the GPU to RTX 3060 without changing the processor, Which offers you the secured future factor persuading you to decide considering it as one of your buying options.


Hankerz recommended users of the 4300g.

We recommend buying the 4300g if you are a gamer with potential but on a strict budget, but don’t want to lose the future upgrade factor and want a pretty decent performance till you buy a GPU, The 4300g is your first step towards achieving more.


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