Intel Core i5 12400F BOX

9499 EGP

  • Brand: INTEL
  • Socket: LGA 1700
  • Base Clock Speed: 2.9GHz
  • Boost clock Speed: 4.4GHz
  • Number of Cores: 6 Cores
  • Number of Threads: 12 Threads
  • L3 Cache: 18MB
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A closer look at the 12400f’s technical.

Represented as the winner of “The Value CPU battle”, and one of the top 3 most selling processors, targeting you, whether you are an esports gamer, AAA gamer even a streamer the 12400f appears to complete the mission,

6 cores, 12 threads, and finally 7nm instead of the 14 endless + nm, with a base clock of 2.50GHZ and a boost of 4.40 for a single core, TDP 65W and 117W as the maximum consumption! which is slightly mind-blowing with the performance it offers, this moderate power consumption clarifies why the 12400f’s performance is stable and always at its peak, so why don’t we take a look at the 12400f’s numbers to ensure that your trust is in its right place, and to back up our words?


Worthy performance to refill your passion?

(Test bench contains 16 GB RAM 3200mhz, RTX 3060 1080p)

Apex Legends low settings = 270 fps average

R6S low settings/ ultra textures = 360 fps average

Valorant low settings = 400 fps average

CS:GO low settings = 380 fps average



Let’s take a look at the future.

The 12400f upgradability might be insane, But the 12400f is capable of handling the RTX 4070, So you can engage in whatever tasks you want with a seamless experience.


Hankerz recommended users for the 12400f.

We recommend using the 12400f if you are a AAA gamer who wants 60+ fps on the highest settings possible, also for you as an esports gamer willing to start your career from level 10, Targeting to put a 165hz to 240hz monitor with RTX 3060 GPU to see all aspects of your game and keep up with the competition, also looking forward to upgrading on your pc to get more and more fps, in this case, the 12400f is a winning investment.

Additional information






12th Generation

Core "Intel Only"




Clock Speed

2.50 GHz

Over Clocking Speed

4.40 GHz

Number of Cores


Number of Threads


Cache Memory

18 MB

Memory Type


Max Memory Support


Ingerated Graphics


Cooling Included



65 Watt

Max Temp



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