AMD Ryzen 5 5500 BOX 6 core – 12 Threads Up to 4.2GHz

5300 EGP

  • Brand:AMD
  • Socket:AM4
  • Clock Speed:3.6GHz
  • Overclock Speed:4.2GHz
  • Number of Cores:6 Cores
  • Number of Threads:12
  • L3 Cache:16MB
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Creator’s technical advantage.

The R5 5500 offers a package of pretty decent specs for creation in the budget, with a combination of 6 cores, and 12 threads which is good in this budget when it comes to creation performance, a base clock of 3.6GHZ, and a boost clock of 4.2GHZ built with 7nm architecture on AM4 socket with TDP 65w and maximum consumption approximately 75W, Also overclockable if you want to try pushing the 5500 a little beyond.


Data-driven performance.

Starting by blender

Blender 2.93 cycles render

R5 5500 finished the test in 24 mins, compared to i3 12100f in the same budget with 30.5 mins, the 5500 is 22% better.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 Puget bench

R5 5500 scored 674 aggregate points, compared to i3 12100f with 589 points, the 5500 is 13% better.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Puget bench

R5 5500 scored 951 aggregate points, with a tie with the 12100f.

Chromium compile (windows)

R5 5500 finished the test in 119 mins, compared to i3 12100f with 138 mins, the 5500 is 13% better.

R5 5500 is a really good value for money here.


How upgradable is it?

You might wonder about the upgrades you can do without changing the R5 5500 in the future, The R5 5500 can handle up to RTX 3060ti without bottleneck regarding your power supply without the need of changing it, so the R5 5500 is the overall complete package within budget.


Hankerz recommended users of the R5 5500

Recommended for begginer-ameture creators with slightly strict budget, we recommend starting with RTX 3050 aligned with the R5 5500.

We also recommend buying a mid-range motherboard to be able to change the processor in the future in case you want extra processing power, Thanks to the AM4 socket you have a bunch of options to upgrade on the same socket and choose the GPU that matches your upgrade budget.

Additional information






Ryzen 5



Clock Speed

3.6 GHz

Over Clocking Speed

4.2 GHz

Number of Cores


Number of Threads


Cache Memory



65 Watt

Max Temp

95 C

Tray / Box



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