BenQ 27 Inch Monitor – 4K IPS 60HZ SW271C AdobeRGB

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Create stunning and breathtaking content as a photographer, video editor, graphic designer, or logo maker. BENQ has specifically designed your tool with an IPS panel and 4K resolution, all in 27 inches for maximum detailed content visuals. Covering almost every single color with 100% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB, BENQ ensures that it caters to your content needs.

BENQ’s creative technologies provide a flawless experience with AQ color, hardware calibration, screen-to-print consistency, uniformity technology, and Pantone verifications with CalMAN certifications. Rest assured, you are on the right path to become a Hollywood professional content creator. Choose BENQ, because it matters.

  • Coloring percentage:100%Srgb,Adobe rgb
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The BenQ SW271C carries all the meanings of a perfect monitor. Flawlessness relates to zero mistakes, excellence in the quality of work, building materials, and even health quality. BenQ SW271C is provided by the most powerful designer, creator hardware ever created, with an IPS panel, 100% Adobe RGB, and 100% sRGB, producing the finest quality colored image.


Yes, SW271C is literally hardware-calibrated to guarantee lavish, luxurious, and premium image quality. Visuals really matter here as the monitor targets tier S professional creators, helping them achieve the S-tier itself. The AQ color proves that the monitor is carefully and professionally calibrated, and the color temperature adds technologies to ensure corner-to-corner uniform quality delivered with uniformity technology.


It’s not just the perfection of any color with 100% Adobe RGB; it’s also the skin tones. The monitor is Pantone Skin Tone validated, ensuring and verifying the quality of skin tone colors of the BenQ SW271S.


Designs or editing begin with an idea in your brain. Turning on your SW271S with perfect true colors ever, you’ll complete your professionally made design. The monitor can be connected to a printer and deliver 100% the same photo in your timeline, thanks to 100% Adobe RGB with Delta E<2. SW271C is remarkable.


The monitor has CalMAN certification, Pantone validated, and Pantone Skin Tones validated, which assures your perfect choice of this monitor.


Hotkey Puck G2 makes the navigation of your screen settings 10x simpler and faster, providing productivity. USB-C allows a direct connection with your new Apple MacBook M1, M2. The shading hood dives you into the deepest point of details for maximum quality. Moving the stand anywhere is a basic thing in the SW271C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes It Is Geniuenly True , This Monitor Is A Big Step In The Filmmaking Career Which Cy Your Work Could Possible Leads You To Hollywood.

Calibration Report, Hotkey Puck G2, Qsg, Shading Hood ( Landscape And Portrait ), Warranty Card , Monitor , Stand

Answering This Question Is Pretty Easy , Yes , We Are From The Lowest Prices In The Market Selling This Monitor With Our Quallity Services Such As Aftersales Services , Online Maintenance Services And A Voucher If You Done 2 Or More Orders With Us , The Benq Sw271c Worth Every Pound Because Every Pownd Has Its Own Roi ( Return On Investment ).

You Can Easily Reserve An Online Maintenance Session In Our Site Your Problem Will Be Solved

Yes It Does Have Local Warranty From Ibs

You Might Have Guessed The Answer Which Is Absloutely Yes It Is The Only Monitor Ever With Nos Mistakes In Our Perspective , Profesionallity And Perfectionism Together , So Yeah It Does Have Our Trust

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