ASUS ROG SWIFT PG259QN ( 24 inch Full HD 360Hz Fast IPS )

Original price was: 18550 EGP.Current price is: 14499 EGP.

  • Screen size: 25 inch
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p (FHD)
  • Refresh rate: 360hz
  • Response time: 1ms (GTG) 
  • Panel: IPS
  • Warranty: 3 years
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360Hz! Finally, it’s true. Not only 360Hz, but it’s also an IPS panel with a 1ms response time. The power of this monitor cannot be described because it’s never been done before. The buttery smooth experience with the 360Hz will work like magic in CS:GO, Valorant, and every other FPS game invented.



It’s 10% for the high refresh rates to meet with an IPS panel, especially if it’s 360Hz! But here we are talking about 360 frames per second in esports games with a fast IPS panel, which prevents any sacrifices of colors or slow response time of lower refresh rates. Nearest to perfection.



The ROG Swift targets the passionate gamer who wants to try the monster level of competitive gaming and be the only one in-game experiencing 360Hz. So when this passionate gamer is powered by the ROG Swift’s 360Hz and 1ms response time, with the first win for the first time, you can feel the dopamine meeting passion



The monitor is willing to give you every single advantage. Even the cable distraction problem is solved. You can easily move the cables through the hole in the stand of the monitor, and boom, you have a clear sight with no distractions. Also, it will benefit you if you are a content creator and filming videos with Aura Sync RGB sync all the setup with the monitor and the perfect cable management the monitor offers. Really, what is missing from this monitor?



The monitor offers lots of technologies that will help you and give you extra of the extra you already have. One of the eye-catching technologies is Game Plus technology, which has a stopwatch to tell you the time you’ve taken to complete the round or training session to improve yourself more and more. A timer to limit your gaming sessions and rest between them for maximum performance every game, the ULMB also. It’s insane that you have a G-Sync processor with this technology to prevent any 1% chance of stuttering or motion blur.



With Game Visual FPS on, the monitor increases the contrast to brighten up the dark areas and shadows to see every camping enemy and slay them. That will be a little bit of a big problem for your enemies 👀.


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ASUS ROG SWIFT PG259QN ( 24 inch Full HD 360Hz Fast IPS )

ASUS Monitor TUF VG24VQE Curved 24Inch Full HD 1ms 165Hz VA Panel

ASUS Monitor TUF VG246H1A 0.5ms 100Hz

TUF Gaming VG249QM1A Gaming Monitor 24 inch FHD Fast IPS overclocking 270 Hz

Price Original price was: 18550 EGP.Current price is: 14499 EGP. 6850 EGP 5200 EGP 12499 EGP
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Frequently Asked Questions

Probably in 2023 there are much gpus will be capable to reach 360hz perfectly , my recommendation is to start from rtx 3060 12gb , with a processor i5 12th or higher you will get the buttery 360hz experience easily

Yes it is , wait why ? , because non of the speefy ips monitor has wide color gamut excpet the rog swift which uses srgb and dci-p3 gamuts which makes it perfect to make money from gaming and creation together $.

Color pre-calibration report ,
Displayport cable ,
Hdmi cable ,
Power adapter ,
Power cord ,
Quick start guide ,
Usb 3.0 cable ,
Warranty card
( may slightly vary )

It does have 2 years local warranty

Simply scan the Qr code on your recipt or reserve an online maintenance session from our website your problem will be solved


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