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– 4 Times Faster Than HDD – With great performance and ultra-fast read and write speed, GX2 solid state drive is 4 times faster than the traditional hard drive. It speeds up boot time, shutdown time and the response time of applications. Absolutely the best product to replace the traditional hard drive.
– High Efficiency Performance – Uses SATA III 6Gb/s transfer interface. Read/write speed up to 530/430 MB/s which offers more efficient data transferring performance. It also provides lower power consumption and a quiet operation experience. Best selection for pc and laptop upgrade.
– Low Power Consumption for Longer Use – Supports a new generation of power saving technology: DevSleep (Device Sleep Mode). Features ultra-low power consumption, which turns off the power of the SATA interface when the computer goes into standby mode. Saves more battery power and extends battery life.
– Trustworthy and Reliable – With garbage collection, wear-Leveling technology, ECC (Error Correction Code), S.M.A.R.T., and TRIM functions, GX2 SSD ensures operational efficiency, monitors the status of your drive, maintains maximum performance of compatible operating systems, and prolong the service life of the SSD.
– warranty – 3 years warranty and free technical support

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Crucial SSD BX500 960GB


samsung SSD qvo 870 1t

Crucial M2 Nvme p2 1TP

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