Acer Gaming Headset Nitro NHW820 -Black

399 EGP

High-quality gaming headset designed to provide an immersive audio experience for gamers.

  • Brand: Acer
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The Acer Gaming Headset Nitro NHW820 -Black is a premium gaming headset that provides exceptional audio quality and comfort. The headset is designed with high-quality materials and features a lightweight, comfortable design that makes it perfect for long gaming sessions. The NHW820 features powerful 50mm drivers that provide clear and immersive audio, with deep bass and crisp treble. The headset also features a noise-cancelling microphone that filters out background noise, ensuring that your voice comes through loud and clear. The NHW820 is also designed for comfort, with soft ear cushions that provide a comfortable fit even during long gaming sessions. The headband is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your head.


Brand: Acer

Stereo Sound

The headset has stereo sound, with a 1.97 inch driver this will produce a great sound qulaity while gaming or watching movies and videos. The ear cups are also cushioned for a comfortable sound experience.

Adjustable Steel Sliders

The Acer Nitro headset has an unqiue dynamic design. The black and red colors give the headset stong aesthetics. The headset is equipped with an adjustable steel sliders to comfortably wear your headset with a perfect fit.

Noise Canceling Boom Mic

The headset is equpped with a mic with noise cancelling technology, this allows you to commuincate with your teammates and enjoy an uniterrupted gameplay. The audio control box will let you control what you hear and say.

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Acer Gaming Headset Nitro NHW820 -Black

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The Acer Gaming Headset Nitro NHW820 -Black compares favorably to other gaming headsets in its price range. With its powerful audio capabilities, comfortable design, and noise-cancelling microphone, the NHW820 offers a superior audio experience compared to other headsets.


I have had the opportunity to use the Acer Gaming Headset Nitro NHW820 -Black and I have been very impressed with its performance. The audio quality is exceptional, with deep bass and crisp treble that makes the gaming experience more immersive. The noise-cancelling microphone is also a great feature, as it filters out background noise and makes my voice sound clear and natural. The headset is also very comfortable to wear, even for long gaming sessions. The ear cushions are soft and provide a good seal around the ears, blocking out external noise and allowing me to focus on the game. Overall, I would highly recommend the Acer Gaming Headset Nitro NHW820 -Black to any gamer looking for a high-quality headset that delivers exceptional audio performance and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the NHW820 is designed for comfort, with soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband that allows for a comfortable fit.

No, the microphone is built into the headset and cannot be detached. However, it can be rotated up and out of the way when not in use.

Yes, the NHW820 works with consoles that have a 3.5mm audio jack.


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