Kingston A400 240GB SSD

920 EGP

  • Speed: 500MB/s Read speed, 350MB/s Write speed.
  • Capacity: 240GB 
  • Interface: SATA Rev 3.0
  • Warranty: 1 year 
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HDD is useless in 2023? 

The HDD average speed is between 150 to 170MB/s, which is quite low when it comes to loading screens, the slow timeline preview, and the slow 60 seconds Windows launch, but, an SSD like the A400 SSD with 500MB/s Read speed, 350MB/s Write speed, will easily improve your performance as its speed nearly 4x the speed of a conventional average HDD, so, faster loading screens at your games especially for Esports games that will able you to enter the game early not at the start of the round, and speed previewing for your timeline to get more work done in less time, at 900EGP budget, this is really a solid choice for your PC or Laptop.


kingston’s warranty.

The A400 comes with 1-year local warranty, so don’t worry about it.


Hankerz recommendations.

Our recommendations for the A400 :
1- We recommend using the A400 with your laptop or PC as your primary system SSD for Windows, a secondary one for your games, or as an extra partition for your device before it goes out of stock.
2- We recommend using this SSD instead of HDDs because it will make your PC a lot faster in terms of Windows loading or even games loading screens, if you are a content creator using HDD, the A400 will be an upgrade that you will not regret.


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