Antec PSU Sleeved Extension Cable Kit PSUSCB30 102 White


  • brand :Antec
  • Color: white
  • Length:300mm
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Sleeved Extension
Cable Kit white
Antec premium Sleeved Extension Cable Kit – Black features fully shielded and multi-layered with 16 AWG high-quality copper strands. PC cable combs ensure cable separation and increased airflow while maintaining an organized look inside your PC and keep your cables in a tidy arrangement.
The cable adopts a three-layer braiding design, and the outer layer is ultra-dense braiding. The middle insulation layer features acid and alkali resistance, flame resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, etc.

Premium Interface
The high-quality segment used in the wire rod and a precise combination are machine-made to ensure the stability of the series transmission.

Outstanding Length
The length is 300 mm, which ensures that most users do not occupy
the extra space in the cabinet when installing the extension cable.


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