DXRacer G Series D8200 GC-G001-BW-B2-423 Blue / White

12000 EGP

Versatility – a quality we all seek in everything we own. We desire products that can serve multiple purposes without necessitating a hefty investment for each specific use. Introducing the G Series from DX Racer, a response to your yearnings for the most versatile chair you’ve ever encountered. It seamlessly combines DX Racer’s premium quality with the adaptability you crave. This chair isn’t just for gaming; it’s your companion in creativity, business, movie nights, and even moments of slumber. DX Racer’s scientific design ensures your spine and neck find protection and comfort, embodying their genuine concern for your well-being and productivity. With just a click, you’re one step away from experiencing true comfort and versatility. You can confidently invest in this chair, knowing you’re getting more than your money’s worth.

  • Brand: Dxracer
  • Chair Model: g series d8200
  • Max Weight: 149kg
  • Arm Rest Directions: 4D
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • color: Blue and White
  • Build Quallity: pvc leather
  • Size: Mid
  • Material: Metal
  • Back support: Yes
  • Adjustable Height: Adjustable
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The Versatility of the (G) Series

The G series from DX Racer is absolutely a Joker, combining business work, gaming, chilling, and even sleeping due to the premium materials and strain-resistant leather& 4d armrest in addition of back and neck pillows , These extend your sessions, making them more productive every time.


The Modern Classic

The DX Racer G Series D8200 is the quintessential classic in black and white, fused with modern premium elements of comfort and design. This versatility in design makes it suitable for everyone and everywhere. It adds a creative modern-classic touch to your setup, like a touch of magic.


Last but Not Least, Unparalleled Comfort Science

DX Racer explains the inception of the first gaming chair. It clarifies that in 1973, NASA discovered that astronauts always rested with neutral body postures. Scientists later found that these postures significantly alleviate pressure on the spine. By 1994, these positions were integrated into office chairs. In 2001, DX Racer commenced manufacturing luxury car seats. The meticulous details DX Racer adds to this chair and the value of scientific studies applied to ensure your best comfort and the optimal protection of your neck and spine truly deserve your trust and preference.

DX Racer

As a high-end gaming chair brand trusted by top esports organizations, DX Racer offers you the trust and unique feeling you, as a professional content creator or gamer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Because DX Racer is a high-end gaming chair brand that holds the trust of top esports organizations. The journey of DX Racer began in 1973 when NASA discovered that astronauts consistently rested in neutral body postures. Subsequently, scientists found that these positions significantly relieved pressure on the spine. By 1994, these findings were applied to office chairs. In 2001, DX Racer even ventured into manufacturing luxury car seats. With such extensive experience and knowledge, DX Racer’s credibility makes your decision easy.

It can support up to 149kg, although 150kg would be more satisfying

Yes, it comes with a 1-year local warranty. No, it’s not gray; it features an Authorized Local Agent warranty.

DX Racer chairs are manufactured in Michigan.

Absolutely, we wholeheartedly trust all products from DX Racer. Hence, it definitely has our trust as Hankerz.

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