Redragon G808 Harrow Wireless Game Pad Controller

1250 EGP

  • Battery life: Up to 40 hours, rechargeable battery
  • Connection: wireless 2.4GHZ
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: 1 year
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3 reasons that the G808 must be on your desk NOW.

First, pairing your setup with a controller if you are a mouse and keyboard player especially if the controller is wireless, will change your perspective on comfort, Imagine this, you are sitting on your chair competing in your Esports game or even just playing a normal AAA game but you want this extra space to rest your back and arms from the gaming session but you are limited by your wires of the mouse and keyboard,


So, the enjoyment of your PC is being affected every day without this controller, because with the G808 Harrow, you’ve got a 2.4GHZ wireless connection with a battery that stands up to 15 hours of straight gaming sessions and only 2 hours for 100% charge, so the comfort factor of sitting on your PC is changed by the time you order this controller,


Second, the PC controllers have this problem of non-familiar layout, you might be used to the PS controller, but the PC controllers come with a different layout but, the G808 got you here with a familiar layout so you can unplug your mouse, and keyboard and play with the G808 harrow without spending a 1 calorie of getting used to it,


The third reason which is the most important for me here is the support, the G808 supports Android, PlayStation, PSP3, PS3, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP supporting Xinput Xbox 360 games on PC and Laptops (Xinput mode) The Joystick supports plug-and-play connection for Android Systems and includes Controller Calibration Software for Windows PCs, so just plug the small USB and you are ready to go.


Play on your PC from the couch without disconnection.

Coming with Zero-Lag High-Speed wireless transmission technology with a range of up to 10 meters, you can now enjoy your PC games from the comfort of your couch, and for the optimal experience, we recommend connecting your TV to the PC, and enjoying your session.


Redragon’s warranty.  

The G808 comes with a 1-year local warranty, so you can now play and leave the rest for us.


The G808 is now available and waiting for your click on add to cart, but remember, the G808 is available now, might not be tomorrow.


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