NB HP Victus 15 FA0031DX Ci5(12450H) 8G 512SSD GTX1650 4G 15.6FHD W11

27500 EGP

Meet your match.

Gaming laptops require insane budget,

That was an old thing we are here in 2023 introducing one of the most impressive gems in the budget, A gaming laptop that deserves your honor to own it, The hp Victus, let the hardware talk now with the Ci5 12450H, GTX1650, 8gb ram expandable to 32 GB to ensure that this laptop is a long term investment with a huge return, Improving your gaming performance isn’t a struggle in front of this laptop, Displaying the power of its internals with 144hz 1080p and 15.6  with ips panel to ensure that every movement and every situation you are in is seen clear as crystal, Coming with an unbelievable budget to performance ratio only 27500 egg!

Time to make the smart choice. 

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Laptop with all you need with pricing…
Your gaming adventures just got a nitro charge.

Intel Core i5-12450H. Feel the adrenaline as this processor fires up, delivering unrivaled power to your fingertips. Lag? Not in this realm with 8 cores and 12 threads a boost till 4.4GHZ, Behold the magic of NVIDIA’s GTX 1650 4GB graphics card—the heartbeat of your gaming experience. Let the 15.6″ FHD IPS display, 144Hz refresh rate, be your canvas. Every victory comes to life, every defeat only fuels your determination.


Ready for Your Gaming Future

8GB RAM (expandable to 32GB), this laptop is not just for today—it’s a companion for your tomorrow, next month, and for a whole eternity. Switch between tasks effortlessly, conquer memory-hungry games, and watch your rivals bow down.


Load times? A thing of the past

Your game library just found its new home, with a 512GB SSD, speed is your ally. Say farewell to sluggish moments and hello to your first round without even a loading screen.



Your gaming world is now portable without compromise, at just 5.06 pounds, this gaming wonder is designed for warriors on the move, when you finish your adventure it’s time to relax and chill with your unplugged movie-watching experience with up to 4 hours of usage unplugged.


The living Victus is now available and ready to be your tool.


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