7000 EGP

  • Screen size: 24 inch
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p (FHD)
  • Refresh rate: 180hz
  • Response time: 0.5ms
  • Panel: IPS
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Coloring percentages: 99% sRGB
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Acer just released the best budget monitor in the market.

The older VG240Y version from Acer, which was 165hz with a 1ms response time and IPS panel, was nearly the highest-selling IPS monitor on a low budget, so with the new VG240Y being released and available in the market, it was a need for us to add it to our stock for budget-friendly gamers that won’t spend a lot, but expect a lot,

The VG240Y comes with a 180hz refresh rate, and 0.5ms response time with an IPS panel so you will play competitively with the colors of the IPS panel which will be a great deal if you are a AAA gamer or a gamer-creator,

and at only a 7500EGP price range, which makes this monitor a great deal for you as an Esports gamer looking for a high refresh rate experience, AAA gaming experience with pretty decent colors, within a friendly budget.

Also, if this is your first monitor to buy as an upgrade from a 60hz one, this will be a different experience that you’ve never seen before, making your game faster, and smoother, and effectively boosting your performance in the game if you are looking to rank up, we must say thank you to Acer at this point.



New design milestones.

The previous version of this monitor came with a framed design which wasn’t offering that great of a design overall, But the VG240Y comes with totally different milestones as the design is completely frameless except for the bottom of the screen, new modern stand to match with your setup, which makes this monitor’s deal even more solid for you as there is no monitor in the market with the same budget offers this package.



Acer’s warranty.

The VG240Y comes with a 2-year authorized local agent warranty to save you money in the long run and without the need to replace your monitor soon.



Hankerz recommendations.

1-We recommend using this monitor with GTX 1660s/ RX 5500xt/ RTX 3050/RTX 2060, and above with a suitable processor to get 180+ fps on a 1080p resolution gaming experience.

2-We recommend using this monitor for content creation after calibration.




so, considered as a better refresh of the highest selling monitors, you might want to reserve yours NOW.

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Monitor Msi 24 FHD IPS 180HZ 1MS G244F E2

Monitor Msi 24 FHD VA 180HZ 1MS G24C4 E2 Curved

Monitor Msi 27 FHD IPS 100HZ 1MS Pro MP275

Price 7000 EGP 7650 EGP 6250 EGP 6250 EGP
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