Logitech M190 Wireless Mouse – Blue

750 EGP

  • Sensor: Smooth optical tracking
  • Weight: 89.9g
  • Dpi: 1000 dpi
  • Battery life: 18 months
  • Batteries: Replaceable AA battery
  • Warranty: 2-years  
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Why is it the perfect full-sized mouse for your daily basis?

The M190 by Logitech mainly targets your daily usage at a budget-friendly price to get it done everywhere without the cord hassle and spending above your budget,

Works on nearly all surfaces so you can work outside in your favorite place without a mousepad, with full-size and left-hand compatibility, is wireless and lightweight, is a ready-to-go mouse that easily fits in your bag, with a comfortable contoured design that follows the natural curve of medium to large hands, suitable for you as an employee, excel and word user, browsing, and also to be your mouse for outside work,
So, let’s place our attention on details that matter to you.


Affordable with no concerns.

Logitech is considered one of the top companies in the world for your setup’s accessories, so quality and durability are critical factors in their products, talking about the M190 you will get the durability and reliability that made Logitech the #1 leader in mice and keyboards, so you will get the quality of material you need to fully rely on this mouse in your home, office, and outside work completely.


Work 10m away from your PC, or laptop.

Comfort is a key feature that you will buy a wireless mouse for, so the M190 can precisely work up to 10m away from your device, so you can be comfortable in your working sessions which will make you more productive in your day, which is essential also for a secondary use mouse to control your PC wirelessly without the need to reach your desk every time.


18 Months.
That is the time required to change your mouse’s AA battery, which makes it even more reliable and also a money saver for you.


Logitech’s warranty

Logitech accessories come ready with 2 2-year authorized local agent warranty, so you don’t have to have any concerns about your decision to buy your accessory.


No setups or software, plug and play standard easiness.

The Logitech M190 comes ready out of the box, just plug the USB receiver into your device and you are good to go.


750EGP, just add it to your cart with 1 click, to reserve your own.


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