LENOVO LEGION 5 – CORE I7 – 12700H – 16G \ 512 SSD \ VGA 4G RTX 3050 TI \ 15.6 + LEGION MOUSE – 165HZ

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10/10 rating

10/10 Easily in the recommended usages, Whether you are pro e-sports gamer, Or just love to chill on your AAA library on ultra settings & Even if you are editor or designer the laptop got you, But how the laptop could even be suitable for all of that ? The answer is that we are talking about legion, The gamer’s friend always and forever,  i7 12700h with RTX 3050ti , 2K WQHD resolution and 165hz, What else could be added ?

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From the ancient roman army till your hands 

Energize Your Gaming Potential

At the core of this juggernaut, you’ll find the formidable Intel Core i7-12700H processor, a true gaming titan equipped with 14 cores that provide an unrivaled processing prowess. This 12th-gen Core i7 delivers lightning-quick performance, ensuring that even the most demanding games run smoothly and flawlessly, with clock speeds that can soar up to 4.7GHz.


Seamless Visuals on WQHD

The Legion 5 showcases a stunning WQHD (2560×1440) display with a silk-smooth 165Hz refresh rate. Every frame springs to life with exceptional clarity and vividness, thanks to its high-quality IPS panel and the elevated resolution. With NVIDIA’s dedicated 4GB RTX 3050 Ti graphics card, you’re in for a visual spectacle. Bid farewell to lag, screen tearing, and pixelation – this laptop offers immersive visuals like no other.


Endless Gaming Delight

With 16GB of RAM and a scorching 512GB SSD, this laptop doesn’t just load games quickly – it keeps them running like a finely-tuned instrument. Multi-tasking between games, streaming, and other applications is a breeze. You can switch between tasks effortlessly without any slowdowns, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.


Cool and Serene

Gamers know the importance of keeping their laptops cool during intense gaming sessions. The Legion 5 features advanced cooling technology The outside temperature is decent, sitting at 41.6°C, which will protect your hands from the heat and the airflow system which stand out from any competition.


E-Sports, Design, Movie nights all ready 

With IPS panel 100% sRGB, WQHD (2K ) offers the fantastic meaning in your design easily and supplies your movie night with colorful movie to immerse in the film you are watching, 165hz backing up your gaming sessions with the smoothness you need.


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