LENOVO Gaming 3 CORE I5 – 11300H – 8G \ 512 SSD \ RTX 3050 – 15.6

28200 EGP

Game, Then create your memories

The 11300h, RTX 3050 offering you the experience you have been seeking for in a laptop, Enabling you to game on your favorite settings without a single problem & create your moments by recording your gameplays, But will it break your bank ? Nah, Lenovo gaming series is the combination of your needs and also caring for your budget, at only 28550 egp, You can experience all this masterpiece,

So, Will you give it a shot ?  

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Your All-in-One ?

Gaming Beast

Get ready to experience gaming like never before in this budget, Equipped with the powerful Intel Core i5-11300H processor, a lightning-fast 8GB of RAM, and a blazing NVME 512GB SSD, this laptop is tailor-made for gamers. But here’s the real star of the show – the NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics card. It unleashes the might of AAA gaming titles in all their glory, delivering high FPS on high settings for an immersive gaming experience, as usual let’s take a look on numbers,

RDR2 high settings 1080p = 50 fps average

Gta v very high settings msaa 2x = 80 fps average

Warzone high settings 1080p = 60 fps average

Don’t forget to enable the dlss to get double the fps 


Cinematic Visuals

It’s not just about gaming – the Lenovo Powerplay Laptop also shines when it’s movie night. Its brilliant 15.6-inch IPS panel display brings your favorite movies to life with stunning visuals and vibrant colors. Immerse yourself in cinematic experiences right from the comfort of your laptop.


Future-Proof Value

We know the importance of lasting value, and the Lenovo Powerplay Laptop is designed to provide just that. With its robust specifications, you won’t need an upgrade for another 2-3 years, ensuring your investment remains solid. It’s the ultimate bang for your buck!


Record and Share

The Lenovo Powerplay Laptop doesn’t just let you play; it lets you become a gaming sensation! Thanks to its Hardware , you can effortlessly record and share your gaming moments with the world. Show off your skills, create your own content, and build your gaming community without any hiccups.


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