Havit MP901 Large Gaming Mousepad

180 EGP

  • Dimensions: 363x265x3mm 
  • Material: Premium fine-mesh cloth surface, Rubber base
  • Warranty: 1-year
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Just plug and play no more need to say

Mouse pads are the most neglected accessories in our setups. But why? Well, because as gamers, we seek the best hardware to invest our money in. Anyway, Havit, as usual, appears in these moments as the problem solver. Today’s solution is the MP901. With a bird’s-eye look, premium-feeling materials, and RGB lighting all over the mouse pad, accompanied by a controller to adjust the RGB according to your mood flow. Take a deep breath and let’s dive into the details.

Fine mesh and more

The material of the mouse pad is genuinely decent in this price range, featuring a fine mesh texture for ultra-smooth mouse movements. Havit’s red logo of claws adds an appealing overall touch and protects your gaming setup’s aesthetic. The anti-slip rubber base is obvious. So what differentiates the mp901 from any other mouse pad in the same range? , the difference is that there is no competitor with the same capabilities at the same price range available, Therefore, the conclusion is that even if you spent all on your hardware, Havit is being aware.



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