Havit MP861 Mousepad With premium mesh & Anti-slip rubber

250 EGP

  • Dimensions: 700x300x3mm 
  • Material: Premium fine-mesh cloth surface, Rubber base 
  • Warranty: 1-year
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A mousepad that gets the job perfectly done. 

The mp861 mousepad from Have is the lowest extended mouse pad in price, priced at just 250EGP price point makes it perfect for you if you want to enjoy your gameplay on a smooth silky surface and add a touch of gaming feel to your desk without spending a lot of money,

The Havit mp861’s Premium fine-mesh cloth surface, allows your mouse to move smoothly and accurately which allows you to level up your performance as your aim will get much better with this mousepad than the smaller ones and better than playing on a wooden desk,

Anti-slip rubber base effectively keeps the mouse pad from slipping, to play competitively at low Sens without a problem, Edge covering design makes its lifetime longer, so you don’t need to buy another one sooner.


Perfect dimensions. 

700x300x3mm are the dimensions of the mp861 which is a perfect extended mousepad and suitable for both your keyboard and mouse and also offers your mouse a wide space for sniper flicks.


Havit’s warranty. 

The mp861 comes with 1 year authorized local warranty, so don’t worry about it anymore.


The mousepad is now available, but it might be not available tomorrow.

Order now with just 1 click. 


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