Havit H2012D Gaming Headphone 3.5Mm Tailored For The Game High Tone

499 EGP

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Why should the Havit H2012D be your choice?

Simply because it offers features that no other headphone does within the same budget range. Imagine this: stereo surround sound and a 3.5mm aux that makes it compatible with your PS4, PC, and even your mobile phone. The eye-catching gaming character design comes with a touch of RGB, while the 50mm drivers provide over-ear headphones that deliver loud and clear footsteps during your gaming sessions. And all of these specifications come at a price of only 500 EGP. Considering both the budget and the specifications, logically, the Havit H2012D becomes your next headphone choice. Havit equips budget gamers with the necessary tools to succeed. It’s not just a brand selling products; it’s a solution that caters to our needs. The decision is yours. Even as budget headphones, it offers you the capabilities to start your esports journey. Havit has got your back.



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