X Rocker PlayStation Amarok PVC Leather Metal Frame 4D Armrest With Led Lightning

11700 EGP

  • Brand: X Rocker
  • Chair Model: PlayStation Amarok
  • Max Weight: 120kg
  • Arm Rest Directions: 4D
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • color: Black
  • Build Quallity: pvc leather
  • Size: Mid
  • Material: Metal
  • Back support: Yes
  • Adjustable Height: Adjustable
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The perfect fit with your PlayStation.

Specially designed for console PlayStation players, With the 4 essential buttons of your controller on the front of your chair in addition to the PS logo on both optional memory foam support cushions for your back and neck that are made especially for your comfort in mind, to finish your new game in one session, and to compete comfortably and confidently,

With Neo Fibre LED Technology lighting all over the outer edges of your chair that will be perfect for late-night games, turn off your lights, and let your chair do the whole job for you, allows you to switch colors for customizable style to match your setup’s mood.

At 11950EGP budget, that’s a great deal for both comfort and adding your touch to the setup, but there is a lot more to expect with the X Rocker.


Such as expecting luxurious materials.

The X Rocker chair is not only about outer design but also about your whole experience, PVC leather material is one of the finest materials that could ever be used in your chair, improving your comfort and feeling of touching your chair, to feel the premium proposition of DxRacer’s chairs,

4D armrest to adjust every detail in a way that serves your comfort and makes your usage easier with no sacrifice.

Ergonomic recliner up to 135 degrees, for your times to chill from a long session and give your body a rest to continue your gaming session comfortably and avoid going to the doctor, LOL.


Class lifting gas cylinder. 

With up to 100kg weight support

and height adjustability to match your different games and positions for optimal performance, completing the package of the chair and clarifying that your trust for the X Rocker, is in its right place to be.


Why should you trust X Rocker? 

X Rocker The World’s #1 Brand for Gaming, Making all kinds of gaming furniture that you can ever imagine, chairs, desks, and even GAMING BEDS!

Partnered with PlayStation to ensure that the chair you are given is recommended by Sony, so that is well enough for you to trust your chair from X Rocker.

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