BENQ ZOWIE 24.5″ Monitor FHD TN 240HZ XL2546

11000 EGP

To say that something has “lightning speed,” there must be some conditions, especially if it’s a monitor. A fast TN panel with the highest refresh rate possible and the lowest response time possible, along with technologies that boost your game and reflexes. So, after you’ve known the conditions, let me introduce the BenQ XL2546 to you, the “lightning speed” TN panel with 240Hz combined with 1ms response time. It comes with helpful technologies such as Black Equalizer and Color Vibrance, which will be your extra eye in the game. So, why wait? Think fast, play fast.

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  • Beyond Defeat

With 240Hz only, you will be unbeatable. However, imagine the addition of 1ms response time with DYAC (Dynamic Accuracy), TN ultra-fast panel all in one monitor, with 1080p preset to maximize your GPU power at a sweet spot of 24.5 inches. Sounds like imagination, I know, but the BenQ XL2546 practically did it. With these hardware specs of the monitor, you will really be beyond defeat, no matter the game you play.

  • Spot, React, Win

With the Black Equalizer, which brightens shadows and dark areas without overbrightening the already bright parts, and Color Vibrance, you can saturate the colors of the monitor to spot enemies faster, whether they’re hiding in bushes or grass. As previously mentioned, the DYAC blur reduction technology gives you the smoothest frame transitions, making it your new eye to spot the enemy wherever he hides. You will be the next nightmare of your enemy.

  • Got Your Back

With some luxuries that really matter to any gamer, the placement marker, which is simply a marker on the stand of the monitor to adjust your best position, even if anyone used your monitor and moved it, the marker will be your guide. The headset holder at the side of the monitor is really impressive and unique, and the flexible stand can literally move anywhere

  • #1 Used in Esports Events

Which is really expected after all these details and hardware power and adds significant value to the monitor when you buy it.

  • S Switch

You can access all menu options remotely and save 3 custom presets depending on your game, making it easy to adjust your mood with a simple click.

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