ASUS X515EF- EJ005W CORE I5 – 1135G7 – 8G \ 512SSD \ VGA 2G \ 15.6 – WIN11

19550 EGP

All without breaking the bank

There is no need to imagine what we say, It is a reality with the ASUS X515EF- EJ005W, I5 1135G7, 8GB ram and 512gb NVME SSD, All suited in One of the world’s smallest all-rounder 15-inch laptops at a weight just 1.8kg to be portable with ease suiting your needs everywhere, 63 w/h battery that you can rely on for directly 3 hours of continuous work! ,
As conclusion we can describe this laptop in just one line, entry-level laptop that delivers powerful performance and immersive visuals.


Remember that the business and academic journey requires speedy decisions, So make yours now. 

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Hardwork machine without going broke 

entrepreneur ready to launch your startup, a college student pursuing excellence, or a high school scholar with dreams as big as the sky? Well, Welcome to the right place 


Your drawn Pathway

At its core, this laptop houses the potent Core i5-1135G7, your bridge to boundless opportunities. With 8GB of memory and a speedy 512GB SSD, Offering you the core specs to launch and grow your startup & to success academically, A win-win situation combined with affordable price at just 19550 L.E !



Weighing a mere 1.8kg, it’s tailor-made for those on the move, ready to accompany you to every class or business meeting. It’s the ultimate companion, always at your side, With 63 w/h battery feel free to forget about plugging your laptop while working.


Business and academic learning is a long marathon, Requires consistency to keep you at your peek, So with this laptop it is ensured that it offers you the whole new opportunity to conquer your competitors.

Will you join and try yourself, or you will just miss the opportunity ?  


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