ASUS TUF Dash F15 – CORE I7 – 12650H – 16G \ 512SSD \ RTX 3060 \ 15.6 144HZ- WIN 11

44000 EGP

Might seem hard but it is not 

Ascending your rank in e-sports game is an exhausting process in this time, All e-sports players are competitively  playing to win the glory, So it will be a really boring and exhausting without the hardware featuring your needs in one piece, High refresh rate gameplay with RTX 3060 processed by the I7 12650H and 16gb of ram giving you the full package to open a world of unlimited throttle in your gameplays, 144hz ready monitor giving you the edge of plug and play without even spending on a monitor to be compatible for every situation,

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ready to redefine the gaming landscape without emptying your wallet?

TUF Dash F15 – Gaming Excellence, Your Way

Beneath its sleek exterior, the ASUS TUF Dash F15 houses the formidable Core i7-12650H processor, an engine that propels your gaming experience to new heights. With a generous 16GB of RAM and an ultra-responsive 512GB SSD, load times become a relic of the past, and multitasking is a walk in the digital park.


RTX 3060, Your gaming soulmate 

All of us heard about the RTX 3060 at least once, The most viral gpu from nividia in the 3000 gen, Offering untill now non compete able performance at a budget which will not force you going broke, This gpu really reveals it’s core power when suited with the hardware that can unlock this beast potential, So no worries with the dash-15, Let’s take a look on the performance,

Valorant high settings 1080p = 280 fps average

RDR2 ultra settings 1080p = 60 fps average

Warzone ultra settings rtx on 1080p = 80 fps average

I will just let the numbers speak for itself


Featherlight, Unbreakable Spirit

This laptop isn’t just a piece of hardware; it’s your trusted ally in the gaming arena. Its featherlight design makes it a breeze to transport, while its robust build, akin to a fortress, stands unyielding against the toughest gaming trials. Your gaming companion, your shield, the ASUS TUF Dash F15.


Take a deep breath & Prepare to ascend the ranks

Remember, Time is passing and it may be the final piece, You might order yours now 


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