Acer Monitor 27″ IPS 165HZ 1MS VG271Sbmiipx

8100 EGP

Looking for visuals for vivid gaming sessions? But also seeking a high refresh rate with the lowest response time possible? Here’s an extra request: low-mid budget range. Acer has specially designed this monitor for your needs and wishes, combining all these features to create a highly recommended option in the market. 165Hz, 1ms response time? Checked. IPS panel with 99% sRGB? Checked. Only at 8100EGP? Checked. Even console compatibility? Checked. All checked, waiting for your final decision. Are you ready for another world gaming experience?

  • Coloring percentage:99%sRGB
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  • Aggressiveness

The Acer Nitro VG271 is aggressively designed to match your competitive setup mood. However, not only its design, but also its technical specs are really attention-grabbing. With a 165Hz IPS panel and 1ms response time, along with 99% sRGB color coverage, it perfectly illustrates the reason for choosing the term “Aggressiveness.”

  • Limitless Possibilities, Modification World

Acer Nitro’s menu offers exciting choices that can effectively improve your gaming experience to the peak of your monitor. For example, VRB technology presented by Acer opens up ultra-low latency options and overdrive to maximize gaming performance and eliminate ghosting from your game.

  • Warranted, Feel Worry-Free

The Acer VG271 comes with a 2-year local warranty from Acer to complete your peace of mind and assure you to click on the “Add to Cart” button. Finally, own your monitor and feel guilt-free upgrading to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah it is which I find really big advantage for this monitor especially with tht technical specs

No its not, the ips pannel and 99% srgb made to improve your game visuals and are not reliable for your content

Hdmi , power cable , manuals , moniror , stand

You can easily reserve an online maintenance session in our site your problem will be solved

Depending on your level of professionality , if you enter prize pooled games and seriousely playing to win them its not the perfect choice , but if you are balanced gamer with professional also gaming style it will be the perfect choice as we mentioned

Yes it does have 2 years local warranty

Completely yes , recommended users already mentioned and it will be a fantastic choice for them , so yes it does have our trust as hankerz

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