GALAX GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti SG 1-Click OC Plus GDDR6X

18500 EGP

  • Cuda cores: 4864
  • Memory: 8GB GDDR6
  • Memory interface: 256-bit
  • Boost clock: 1695MHZ
  • Ports: 3x 1.4a display port, 1x HDM1 2.1
  • Size: 2.5-slot
  • Warranty: 3-years
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Know the 3060ti more, The technical sweet spot.

Powered by the GA104 graphics processor, The 3060ti comes with 4864 Cuda cores, 8GB VRAM GDDR6X, 256-bit memory bus & 1.67GHZ boost, Based on Ampere architecture with max power consumption of 215W on 100% GPU usage,

NVIDIA’s technologies such as the DLSS effectively highs your fps up to 60% without lowering the game preset or graphics, also if you are a streamer, NVIDIA broadcast which will be a huge advantage for your video conferences and live streaming in case you are a streamer,

NVENC encoder replaces the usual X264 software encoder in your live streams, giving your CPU the headroom needed to play without drop frames, talking about the experience, Nvidia GeForce Experience software keeps you always updated with the ability to create your clips and moments & optimizes the best settings in your game for your card completing your experience from the first step till your first game.


3060’s value, with Ti privilege.

Certainly, the 3060ti is better, but how far is it better?

(Test bench contains R7 5800x3d, 16GB RAM 3200MHZ at 1080p)

RDR2 ultra settings DLSS off = 75 fps average, compared to the RTX 3060 which scored 51 fps average the Ti is 31% better.

Cyberpunk 2077 ultra settings RT off DLSS off = 82 fps average compared to the RTX 3060 which scored 57 fps average the Ti is 30% better.

GOW ultra settings DLSS off = 75 fps average compared to the RTX 3060 which scored 62 fps average the Ti is 15% better.

let’s move on to some esports titles to get the overall image,

CS:GO low settings = 500 fps average compared to the RTX 3060 which scored 62 fps average the Ti is 25% better.

Apex Legends low settings = 300 fps average compared to the RTX 3060 which scored 265 average the Ti is 11% better

So, is the RTX 3060TI offering a reasonable value for the price difference?

Simply yes, with numbers the 3060ti is 14% higher price than the 3060, but you get 25%-30% average extra performance with much better DLSS and RT performance so it is worth it.


Why would you choose the GALAX SG-1 CLICK OC?

To get the performance you saw in the previous tests, the GPU must be under 80 degrees to perform at the peak boost clock without throttling. So, our choice for the GALAX SG (serious gaming) because of offers 3 fans 92mm providing high airflow and air pressure at minimum noise level,

with extra ventilation holes that improve the airflow of your RTX 3060TI, while also providing the incredible shape of 3 RGB fans with exclusive hardware (XTREME TUNER) that is exclusive for your GPU settings and can also be downloaded for your PHONE, so now you are able to control your RTX 3060TI through your phone while being able to control it on the PC also,

so, whether you are close or far from your pc, you can take full control of your GPU.

with a support RGB stick to complete the RGB theme in your setup.

So, you now got it,

now, GET IT.


Hankerz recommendations

Our recommendations for the RTX 3060:
1- The processor: We recommend using the R5 7600x or Intel i5 13th gen to get as close to the numbers in our test.
2- We recommend using a 600W 80+ bronze power supply as the minimum requirement for your PC.
3- We recommend using a standard mid-tower case to be suitable for the RTX 3060ti.

And congrats, you have now mastered the RTX 3060TI.
and you are probably convinced to add it to your cart.


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